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It’s been more than a decade since Karl Paulnack’s stirring address on why music matters on a deep level; this site exists to fill in the technological, commercial part he understandably chose to ignore. Music education has largely fallen behind in keeping up with industry changes and continues to be a hot topic in what-to-cut budget discussions.

The main goal of MusicTechStudent is to provide educators with more resources to get students making money while following their passion, and convince the world that music isn’t a deficit art. The resources on this site deal with the business end of music, and how technology is now completely essential in every endeavor.

The first menu link above deals with everything a typical high school student should know about technology before pursuing a degree in music or any degree that uses digital audio—they also work especially well for CTE teachers who have added audio units to their classes. The other menu items (updated regularly) explore each subject more in-depth, for helping college students and industry professionals alike.

If you would like to discuss a custom solution for your school or studio, email admin@musictechstudent.org. We offer gear recommendations, curricula design, as well as studio and performance space solutions.

If you would like a master class with any music content area professional, please contact us at the same e-mail. We have connections with engineers, composers, teachers, etc . . . to fit any need. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site! Click on Tech Beginnings to get started.

P.S. Feedback buttons are in the bottom-right of each page, if you would like to leave a suggestion or make a request. Thanks in advance.

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