picks from last week’s ASCAP Daily Briefs

Monday, June 19 —

YouTube Royalties: YouTube has accepted information from ASCAP, potentially increasing songwriter payouts.

Piracy: A European court ruled that The Pirate Bay and other P2P sites can be blocked by internet providers, despite not hosting illegal content.

Tuesday, June 20 —

Health of Streaming: Spotify released 2016 numbers that still show no end to streaming losses, despite rapid revenue growth.

Trademarks: Supreme Court decision now allows disparaging trademarks, making it easier to create brand names that offend.

Wednesday, June 21 —

Streaming Payola: Spotify tests the waters with sponsored songs that appear atop the playlists of free account holders.

Reverb: Soundfly gives a primer on the different types of reverb technology.

Pop in China: Chinese investors are trying to replicate South Korea’s K-Pop success after the genre was banned by China’s government.

Thursday, June 22 —

Flim Scoring: Five scores that changed film music, posted in anticipation of the documentary Score being released.

Music and Health: Studies increasingly show the health benefits of the right music, and a team is trying to get music clinically prescribed.

Friday, June 23 —

More Spotify Payola: If you liked the link above, this one goes into how labels curate much of what you see on Spotify, especially playlists.

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