Since social media emphasized video, it’s important to learn how to produce stellar music videos. One of the simplest ways to get the job done is to set up inside a recording studio and film the session. The example below explains the complex aspects of even a simple shoot. It’s also an example of minimalist audio production.

The video in question is one created by Rode Microphones to showcase their NTR active ribbon mic. When I first saw it, I assumed there was some tasteful EQ and reverb added, but as the making of video shows, that’s not the case. Check it out below.


As the making of video will show. It takes a lot more than a couple lights and a single camera to make a great video. For this, they used sliders, jibs, a preview screen, multiple cameras and a host of lights. Also taken into account was the studio itself, matching the artist to the mic, running into a Neve console with a great preamp, and mic placement; all those factors allowed them to get an amazing sound without processing.