A great exercise for budding singers and engineers is to record vocals or an instrumental melody over an accompaniment track. One of the reasons our parent company, Melody Rose Media, has begun releasing instrumental tracks is so we can offer some that are based on public domain music free from this site! Any song not based on public domain music can’t be given away without the statutory 9.1 cents per copy paid to the composition’s copyright holder.

So far, only one of the three songs released fall under this requirement, but more will be released soon and the other two may be accessed on YouTube and sung with the video live. We’re also working with an arranger to get fresh versions of the 24 Italian Songs and Arias to sing to, so keep watching for those.

If you need a refresher on setting up a studio and running a session, or what gear to use, check out our Tech Beginnings section on recording studios.

The Bach-Gounod version of “Ave Maria” is absolutely gorgeous. Download the MP3 here and/or play it from YouTube below.

“Ave Maria” is free to use in any student project, including uploading to a student’s personal or class YouTube channel with monetization. If you’d like to link back to where the track came from, you can; it’s not necessary though. We want to be as friendly with school policies as possible. The arrangement/recording has not been given a public domain license; copies of the recording may be made for family and school use and sold by the student(s) who performed to it, including on school and personal albums. If you’d like to sell it but it wasn’t originally for a school project, email sales@melodyrosemedia.com for more info.

Below are a couple more tracks that are on YouTube, but can’t be downloaded. Enjoy! We’ll add others to this post as they are made available.

“Angel,” by Sarah McLaughlin. Definitely listen past when the cello comes in. This song was chosen in part because there weren’t any good minus tracks for it on YouTube yet. Even the original recording is a little sub-standard.

“If,” by Bread. Great ballad, even if it takes quite the high voice to pull it off.

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