Alternative MIDI Controllers

Multi-dimensional Keyboards: The Roli Seaboard Grand/Rise/Block and the K-Board Pro 4 are a couple controllers that have the layout of a piano, but allow a much greater amount of expression through multiple, simultaneous MIDI outputs. Both controllers send data on how your finger is moving on the keys, but each has a unique approach. Check out some teasers for both and you might be amazed. Seaboard video. K-Board video. You may have noticed the Seaboard Grand in the film, La La Land. There’s a recent version of the K-Board that’s <$100.

MIDI Guitar: Since the guitar is one of the most important instruments of all time, it makes sense that someone would have invented a way to record MIDI performances with one. Fishman and Roland are a couple popular brands.

Wind Controllers: Wind controllers allow brass and woodwind players to get in on the fun. They contain a mouthpiece and an electronic instrument with button configurations that mimic trumpet, clarinet, oboe, flute and saxophone fingerings. Rollers and pads allow octave control and pitch bending. Yamaha made wind controllers for a while but has since discontinued its WX5 (used ones are available). Akai Professional and Roland both have current models.

Other Tactile Controllers: There really is no limit to where innovation is headed. There are simple controllers, like Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing—some added MIDI pads and controllers for guitarists. The QuNeo looks similar to other MIDI pad-style controllers, but each one is sensitive to three axes plus velocity, including the sliders. Roli’s modular MIDI over Bluetooth Blocks are definitely something try. The Nu-Desine AlphaSphere Nexus is a spherical controller with 48 touch and velocity-sensitive pads. The Myo armband with Leviathan software senses the electrical impulses in your arm to read hand movements. MIDI controllers are definitely not a stagnant enterprise.

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