Social Media for Music Promotion

The Goal Is to Build a Social Brand

You aren’t just selling yourself (it sounds worse than it is); you’re selling membership in your own culture—a small society online, offline, and at concerts. Revenue comes in the form of music sales, royalties, licensing, merchandise, ad revenue, and others; however, what makes all those things happen is the group of fans who love all you have to offer—the entire experience. A great marketer will use every effective tool at her disposal.

Social Media Sites

Facebook: This is the largest social media site for a reason. The easiest fans to get are those who have received a recommendation from a close friend; this is the No. 1 site for that specific function. Facebook is also great at targeting specific audiences when ads are run.

YouTube: It’s the go-to place for music videos and ad revenue still has some real potential; it does change often, so keep up with the changes and make sure you have diversified your revenue to compensate for what comes next.

SoundCloud: This is where people go specifically looking for music. It’s a great place to host songs and get some new fans. As it gets into the streaming business, it may become even more essential.

Twitter: Twitter’s quick-changing feed is double edged sword. This wins the prize for quickest updates at the cost of staying power; you can’t just update Twitter once a week and expect followers to remember you. Still, Twitter reaches an impressive amount of potential fans.

Instagram/Tumblr: People love photos, and these apps are the best at them. You can get a lot of traction if you regularly update at least one of these.

LinkedIn: This one isn’t the most fan-friendly, but if you want to stay in the professional networking game, this is a good place to do it. Also, if you would like to become an influencer for others, you can regularly publish articles for other professionals.

Pinterest: If you have a lot of merch or the right audience, Pinterest can be real helpful. It probably isn’t the most effective for every brand/niche.

Google+: This site seems to be growing, but it’s far from the significance of other major social networks. It does give you some extra SEO if you plan it right, and it has “communities” that can send your message to be discovered by new fans.

Vine, Periscope,, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, the list goes on and on . . .

Automate It!

There are plenty of tools that allow you to make a post once, then it’s sent to multiple social networks. Without such a tool, you’ll get tired real quick from making the same post 6-12 times, every time. Hootsuite is probably the most famous one, but there are plenty of alternatives.

Resources for this Section

151 quick ways to market your music. This definitely leans towards live musicians and talks about many social media platforms.